Council No.  Name.  Meeting Dates.
 1 Grand Master’s  3rd Thursday May (I); 2nd Tuesday November; 3rd Tuesday February
 2 Constantine  2nd Friday March (I) & November; 2nd Thursday June
 3 Matier  3rd Wednesday April (I) & October
 25 Dungarvan  3rd Thursday March; 4th Wednesday October (I)
 37 Public Schools  4th Thursday January; 4th Monday June (I)
 51 Britannic of Maderia  3rd Wednesday February; 1st Wednesday June (I); 1st Thursday October
 52 McMahon  4th Thursday February (I); 1st Tuesday October
 75 Cumberlege  2nd Saturday March (I); 3rd Saturday May; 1st Saturday October
 143 St James’s  4th Friday June (I); 3rd Monday January
 256 Penge  2nd Tuesday July (I); 2nd Tuesday February
 332 Jerusalem  3rd Monday September (I) & April
 340 Metropolitan  1st Wednesday July (I) & December

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